My Thought

 About My Product~


In traditional Japanese art, it was more important to harmonize and unite with nature rather than the artist’s intention or technique.

It was respected to express the nature (material) itself without using technique or adding human touch, or by hiding what was done to it.
In painting, literature, and even in architecture without expressing everything and overflowing with human intention, the untouched beautywas brought in positively.

Which means the work was a part of nature (universe), maintaining the flow of nature, beyond “inside and outside” and “subjectivity andobjectivity.

   Such appreciation of natural beauty has something in common with traditional Japanese religious beliefs. That is, after death, souls goback deep into mountains and forests, cleansed over time and become “Kami” (ancestor’s sprit), and return to nature.

In Buddhism, people seek for Satori (enlightenment) and salvation as the ultimate goal of ascetic training. This is to become
“non-existent” or “empty” and equally means aspiring for divine union. The Divine here also is nature itself to Japanese, and means dissolution of self (individual) and returning to nature (universe).

I work with such background of traditional Japanese aesthetics, religious belief, and interpretation of the world.

Therefore, I suppress my sense of self and independence, thoroughly eliminate unnecessary elements.  By gradually melting myconscious into the surface of the canvas, I aim to feel the sense of myself becoming a part of my work, sense of return to nature through uniting sprit and object (material).By doing so, overcoming one’s animus, beyond superficial image, my work becomes a microcosm and as a circuit to the greater cosmos (universe).

As Zen monk meditates through seated concentration, to me, producing my work of art is a certain level of religious and spiritual act.
Building up on each touch, overlapping many layers of oils and pigments, in the process of overlaying touches into every corner of the canvas insistently, my conscious gradually falls into meditation, without awareness, my sense of self and independence are eliminated.
Pictorial elements of colour and shape also suppressed to minimum, pushing out images as much as possible, paradoxically, stimulates the imagination of viewers softly.  Not calling for viewers’ emotion intensely, wait for the rise of sign or resonance of slow serene penetration reaching deep into soul. 
At this point, a technique is not a method to reach a goal; the method itself is the goal with spirituality.

Art was created to link human being to transcendental being, such as God and universe, or alien world. However, in modern age, as the individualism was born and spread in western country, the concept and meanings of art kept on changing, finally, the major change to “Art is to express oneself” has come, and nowadays it has become the definition of art.
  However, because of this modern age, the most primordial role, the role art played when it was indivisible from religion, is in need, more specifically, directly reaching out to human spirits - encouraging inner reflection and inner catharsis. That is the essence of art, and I would like to bring the power of art back.  

For that reason, I consider art is not something to look at, it is something to experience. Without being fixated on the stereotypical views and  without art (artist) sending out message in once-sided manner, both sides resonating each other by the encounter, through the microcosm of work of art, I would like to inspire the sense of reaching across much greater universe.